magical moments...

Ryker is into magic these days. At breakfast he gets us all hyped up about his new magic trick. "Hey guys, watch this magic trick!" he says, waving his hands above the table. Just then, he bends close and blows all of his bread crumbs on the floor. How cool is that?!!


We spent another fun weekend in Seattle with Todd, Rosalyn, Campbell and Caroline. Grandpa Tim took us to Quest Stadium where we watched the Cougs beat San Diego State. We're all agreed that Campbell and Caroline make much better Cougars than Longhorns! Tee hee. Go Cougs!

that's our girl...

That's our girl (and to think I wanted a boy)!

Ryker wants to put chocolate in her hair, feed her a peanut and call her Peanut M&M. Needless to say...the peanut jar has been moved to the top shelf!


labor day...

Ryker sure enjoyed the weekend with Cousin Carly and "the other girl" (Laura). The pair exited Mom's pool only to eat and not even then really.

Ryan and I enjoyed a serious game of Rook! The Ams showed those Canadians how you play the game, of course. Hence the desperate look on Uncle Gary and Auntie Glenda's faces.

amy and tyler

Happy 20th Birthday, Cousin Aim!