Thanks, Debbie!

 Debbie's handmade moccasins are almost as cute as the little girl wearing them. Thanks a bunch, Debbie!

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piece of cake, mom!

"Okay, so maybe a little help here!" Emers is finally mobile. Much to Ryker's dismay, no toy is safe. One day Ryker had her all dressed up as a pirate. We heard him growl, "Walk the plank, Matey!" He must have thought it over because the next thing we heard was, "Okay, so crawl the plank, Matey!"

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This is all so much work!

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Happy Valentine's, Mom!

Ryker asked if Daddies do girl things. "Like what?" I inquired. "Like toilets?" he replied. Hmmmmmmm.

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Okay, Cherie. These are Ryker's unedited comments. I hope I'm not the only one he cracks up. Obviously we paraphrased a few of the questions. We tagged Chip back because we're curious as to how 'soon' he is thinking kids. :-)

A- Attached or Single? mmmmmm...whatever!

B- Best Friend? gabriel! and when I turn five yike he is then I get a puppy yike his.

C- Cake or Pie? carrot pie

D- Day of Choice? christmas

E- Essential Item? pirate swords. i yove weapons.

F- Favorite Color? purple, orange and green

G- Gummy Bears or Worms? frogs

H- Hometown? pasco, washingmachine

I- Favorite Indulgence? tookies with m&ms

J- January or July? july when...are we DONE yet?

K- Kids? i already have a baby!

L- Life isn't complete without? toys

M- Marriage date? when i grow up i'll get marriaged.

N- Number of brothers and sisters? i want one, two, three, four, five!

O- Oranges or Apples? oranges with no white yucky stuff on it.

P- Phobias and Fears? when things pop up...yike daddy going raaaarrrr!

Q- Quote? (favorite thing to say) booty. hee hee. booty.

R- Reason to smile? when you say cheese.

S- Season of choice? fall because when the yeafs fall you stomp and crunch them.

T- Tag three people? campbell, jaden and chip

U- Unknown fact about me? ummm...my name mostly.

V- Vegetable? trunchy tarrots

W- Worst Habit? (worst thing you sometimes do) poking emers.

X-ray or Ultrasound? orca sounds...what sound does an orca say, mom?

Y- Your favorite food? pantakes and pisghetti

Z- Zodiac Sign? hmmmmm...green, blue, red, yellow and blue. did i already say blue? hee hee. i said it again. okay, two blues!


Kristi: It is NOT okay, Ryker, to push little kids off the slide.
Ryker: (puzzled) But you pushed me down the waterslide when I didn't want to go and I'm yittle.

Kristi: I'm very sorry for asking you to watch Emerson on the bed and I'm very, very sorry for being angry when she fell off.
Ryker: (much later) It really hurt my feelings when you rushed me out of the room. You SHOULD be sorry!
Ryker: (much, much later) I'm too yittle to watch Emers. You SHOULD be sorry!
Kristi: I am sorry. I made a mistake.
Ryker: You made a BIG pistake!



We miss Daddy!

Can't wait for you to come home, Daddy! Emerson's favorite perch while Ryan works on his computer. Ryker drew this picture of Ryan unassisted. No it's not a hat and who says you can't count the hairs on a head anyway? I asked what was on his shirt and was told in no uncertain terms that it was also hair. Oops. :-) Should have seen that one coming. I miss you, husband.

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Snow more, please!

8 inches of snow, a steep hill in front of the house, good friends with sleds, a daddy with a big truck and big patience...what more could you ask for? Thanks, Beth and Landon, for enduring cold bums and runny noses for a little fun in the snow.

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We love that Cousin Rex!


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Everybody needs an unfinished basement for riding motor vehicles. Lane and Beth, we love your new home!