Alki Beach, Seattle

We enjoyed our weekend in Seattle with the Texans. It was short though and on our first day out, I brought along the camera without a battery. I have no photos of our morning at the Pacific Science Center or of the WSU game at Quest Stadium. It is just as well because the Cougs, well, Coug'd It and we don't need any memories of that particular game!

We enjoyed Sunday afternoon at Alki Beach. The company was good, the weather was perfect and the view was lovely. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to get good pictures in mid-day sun. Is it possible? Someone once told be to shoot upwards toward your subject when the sun is straight above. That worked great - no shadows at all. Though try as I might, I can't find use for many giant nostril pics.

The girls.

The guys. Caroline and Emerson play under their watchful eyes. ;)

A really cool fort the kids built.

Our family portrait turned out swell. Don't you think?

And if you've never been to Salties and sampled the buffet, you should. The phrase all you can eat breakfast buffet is usually enough to make me break out in a sweat, dry heave a little and run the other way but this was really good and really fun! I mean REALLY good and REALLY fun! Ryker ate marshmallows dipped in a chocolate fountain and cocktail shrimp. The slice of bacon on his plate was just for looks. We didn't want to look like total loser parents as we paraded through the buffet line. I know, I know. The slice of bacon didn't help that situation at all.


"There's this girl and I like her face."

There's this girl in Ryker's class. He likes her face. His cousin Carly suggested that if he really really likes her, then he should share his lunch with her. But he only likes her face. He might consider sharing some of his almonds with her. Those aren't really his favorite. But he is definitely not going to share his chocolate wafer no matter how much he likes her face.


I'd rather go to Hawaii...

We're off to Seattle for a weekend with the Texans. We plan on watching Washington State be defeated by Hawaii. Did I say be defeated? 'Cause I meant beat. We plan on watching Washington State beat Hawaii. Yep. Go Cougs!

Can't wait to hug my nieces!


"He's a girl."

Ryker rides to and from school with Maddie. "He's a girl, Mom." I should know this because I'm responsible for one way. Still, I appreciated the heads up. ;) Maddie is the sweetest thing. By the time we make it home, my head is spinning because all three of my passengers talk nonstop and oh boy, am I ever getting an education!


RV Weekend

It's really a good thing our son is bigger than 98 percent of the kids his age. Otherwise, he'd never have survived this.

And then Papa Bear roared at Mama Bear and we all hightailed it to the Bookie. Ryker emerged looking like this.

I apologize for the confusing image. I know predatory animals such as bears wouldn't typically be seen "hightailing" it anywhere but bunnies and deer don't roar, you see. Again, I apologize.

The kids were entertained by the game for no more than 5 minutes. Em lasted another 5 thanks to lip balm and Ryker another 10 because that's how long it took him to eat his snow cone. I was reminded of a baseball game this summer where Ryker held his head between his hands and said, "There is nothing fun about this at all." :) However, both Ryker and Em enjoyed the Cougar Kid Zone outside the stadium. And neither have ever complained about hangin' in the RV. Go Cougs!

ps. I love you, Papa Bear! If you're really really lucky, one of our next five children will share your love of the game. ;)


Ryker is in love with Kindergarten. I will cherish Sunday evening and his thoughts forever. We were sitting around Grandma's pool and thinking we'd kept him up too late already, considering the big day to come. His chin started trembling a wee bit and in a quiet voice he told us he was going to have to put something from each Dad, Mom and Em in his backpack. How I love his tenderness! I suggested Em's dirty diaper and when he felt like he was missing her a bit, he could open his backpack and take a whiff. So long tender moment. I can't remember his response but even if I could, it wouldn't be appropriate to write here. And as it is, Ryker loves kindergarten. Did I mention that already? 

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Note the number of girls in that line. The front of the line didn't look much different and I'd venture to say Mrs. Shell has her work cut out for her! That is unless kindergarten girls are less difficult than fourth grade girls. ;)

(we had camera issues on the morning of and so these pics are straight out of the iphone. it does okay - when you hold really really still.)

 Em listened intently to Mrs. Shell as she gave instructions to the Kinders. She carefully placed her backpack with the others and stood quietly in line. I was afraid of the scene she was going to create when I told her it was time to wave goodbye. But the little trooper held it together all the way to the car, where she teared up a little and told me, "I miss by brudder." Me too, baby, me too!

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Are you kidding me?!?

That one was for you, Tim! :) We enjoyed getting to meet Lily, who has to be the most beautiful baby on the face of this earth. We also had another "Good" time touring the goat farm with cousins. Do we ever love cousins!


Happy 4th!

Yep, I said 4th. Somehow I skipped right over that celebration. It was good though and something about the light and movement in these pictures made we want to post them.


Did you know...

...blue cotton candy will turn your poo green for an entire 48 hours?
...bounce houses are for bullies?
...Grandpas and Uncles won't stop spinning the strawberry no matter how sick you are?

Our kids got quite the education at this year's fair. They especially enjoyed hanging around the carnival with their Uncle and Grandpas. Em is so dramatic!