bribery, like flattery, will get you everywhere. apparently.

Can I start out the night in your bed? Pleeeeease, Mom?
No, Ryker.
Well! If I can't sleep a little bit in your bed tonight then I'm never going to sleep in it. Ever! Not even when Daddy is gone.
Nice try, Ryker. and DON'T threaten me!
How about if I give you five bucks?


gotta love jack johnson. he's got a little something for everything and i've been losing more than keys these days...


My favorite student (okay my only student) told me she loves me today. She's fifteen. It may seem strange but isn't. Not one bit. It had me smiling, remembering a while back when she'd called me for help on her homework.

Mrs. Tippett?
Hi, Sky.
What's up, Sky?
I need some help.
With biology.
It's my homework.
So after the nuclear fusion of two deuterium atoms, the resulting fused nucleus in an atom of helium contains how many protons and how many neutrons?
Um...hold on...(Thankgoodness for Google - I bring up the periodic table in a wink.)...okay! Deuterium, a hydrogen isotope, has the atomic number of 1, which means one proton and one electron. These heavy hydrogen atoms also have 1 neutron so when nuclear fusion occurs, the resulting helium atom contains two protons, two neutrons and two...
Okay. That's all I need, Mrs.T. Loveyoubye.

The phone rings again.

Um...okay...so that was weird.
It's fine, Sky. I do stuff like that all the time.
Okay...well...I'll see you later then. Loveyoubye.

Sky is so great! And in case you're wondering "we" have a B in biology. I can prove it too. Someone should have told me how easy it would be if I'd just show up for class and do the homework. Also in case you're wondering...I have no memory of Sky's actual question and just wanted to sound clever. Did it work? Did it?

:-) it's the same old story but nobody says it better. *click


We have learned that if the Texans are coming to visit, so is the snow. And we welcome both! Cour d'Alene was beautiful. My husband is wondering if there is a limit to what I'll require my kids to endure for a picture. Emerson kept trying to catch the snowflakes.


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We recommend Raptor Reef and The Triple Play in Hayden, Idaho. The waterslides at the Reef are surprisingly good. We do not recommend the affiliated Holiday Inn Express. The beds and pillows are awful. Awful! The Tippetts were considerate enough not to complain (I made the reservations) but everyone was stiff-necked in the literal sense! :-)


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Tim and Todd blowing some quarters on Deal or No Deal in an effort to win redeemable coupons for the kiddos. Judging from the gadgets the kids left with, they did well.

Enjoyed Cyrus O'Learys and the carousel with Jim, Krystal, Gabe and Katy. We imagine these six cousins creating chaos in years to come. And look forward to it!


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Tubing at Schwietzer - It was incredibly cold, incredibly windy and incredibly fun! It's probably a toss up but I think Grandpa Tim enjoyed it the most. He was zipping by at such speeds that I couldn't catch a picture.


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 Caroline and Emerson fell asleep in the yurt - EM on a tube. Grandma Marlene was kind enough to sit with them.

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dad's handiwork...

It was fun to see Dad's home in Spokane. It has an outstanding view and a cozy lodge-like feel. Dad is putting in the millwork right now. And since it won't pay to sell in this market, he's looking forward to living in it.


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A few weeks ago, Mom took Ryker to see Santa and after some careful observation he decided he'd just mail his letter. But when Santa brought by the bike he found neglected in his sleigh, Ryker received him warmly. Emerson, on the other hand, was not happy to see Santa at all. Not one bit. She did fancy the dress up clothes given to her by Grandma Marlene though. In fact, Grandmas and Grandpas always give the best gifts and way too many of them! There are a ridiculous number of toys in this house. Ryan and I are taking at least the next two Christmases off. Wishing I'd taken a picture of Christmas dinner on the table as it was the first Ryan and I pulled off on our own. And for the record...I did NOT call Mom every 30 seconds. Nor did she come running over every time I got in a fix. :-)


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still snowing...

we're spending as much time as possible in the snow because it just doesn't stick around long enough...


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