Just like his Dad!

I felt a tap on my shoulder as I worked with a student in Ryker's class this week. A sweet girl wanted to share her writing project with me - A love letter intended for Ryker. It had been colored pink and cut in the shape of a heart. I told her it was very nice and watched as she found Ryker and gave it to him. He read it, giggled and put it on the table beside him. I heard her ask what he was going to do with it and he answered, "Nothing." The girl then told him he should collect all the notes she writes him. "I do." he replied with grin. "In the trash can."

If I didn't know how much he likes Libby, he'd have serious consequences for being mean! And when we talked about it later, Ryker assured me that Libby likes that he is so funny. Oh dear...this sounds very familiar...


kids these days!

Emerson has figured out how to work the timer on Ryan's camera, among other things, and I pulled this self portrait off his camera. When Em grows up, she want to be Ryker. ;) She keeps me on my toes! Just recently, she helped me fix something and when we were finished I exclaimed, "See? That was a piece of cake!"

"No." Em corrected. "Piece of STEAK!"


true love!


Contrary to popular opinion, we think Seattle's aquarium is just the right size. We've been told that it is a rare thing to see the usually shy giant octopus but we've seen her four times now. And this time she ate her sardines right in front of us - all pressed up against the glass. Awesome!


Party Games

Everybody won a 100 Grand (the chocolate variety). Gabriel did the pinata in, more or less. I love the faces in the background of the last one. :)


Ryker received a loft bed for his birthday. It arrived while he was in Palm Springs and he was tucked into it within minutes of arriving home. When I checked on him at 1:30 AM, he was wide awake - too excited to sleep, he said. I think it will fit one more child. Don't you think? :)

We kicked off spring break with a birthday celebration. Seven! Sniff. Sniff. Ryker long ago requested a Minute-To-Win-It party and so it was. More birthday and spring break pics to come.