The sun is shining...

The sun is still shining but summer is over and nobody knows it better than this expired school teacher and new mother of a *gasp* kindergartner. I'll soon post pics of my baby on his first day of school but I've got to work up a little courage first. I like this place I'm in right now. It's called Denial and I find it's a pretty comfortable here. So for now, and as long as the sun is shining, I'm going to pretend my baby is still my baby and that I'm dropping him off at summer camp.

I sincerely hope everyone took advantage of every blessed second of summer. We sure did and if you take just one look at our lawn, you'll know it's true. My sincerest apologies, neighbors!

Meanwhile, here are some cute pics from an evening spent at Cousin Rex's. That kid's smile makes me want to sing and dance, which is great except when he's making eyes at me during bible study. Dancing might be a little distracting then.

Ryan won of course. Nice form Doug!


A little Sam Snead action...

I tried to show Ryker the proper putting technique (cause I'm a pro) but Case convinced him that Sam Snead won many a tour with the upside-down-backwards-between-the-knees-stance. And uncles trump mothers everytime!


This coming week will feature daily posts of our summer antics in no particular order. This first one is my favorite...

Ryker on skiis. There ain't nothin this boy can't do...

with a little help. :) And the next day Ryan was feeling the burn in a good way.



I have Lake pictures oozing from my pores. And with the exception of Em looking a year older, they are exactly the same as the ones from last year. And the year before that and the year before that. I think this may be the thing we enjoy most about our annual trip to the lake. The weather is the same, the activities are the same and the food is the same - all excellent of course. Only the youngest of the children change in notable ways. Everyone loves the absolute absence of an agenda. Besides the guys' occasional scheduled t-time, there is no hurry, no hustle. It is all so predictable and yet so spontaneous. We know the kids will take multiple daily walks to the candy store and build sand castles on the beach. We know Auntie Glenda will make elephant ears and Larry and Jen will playfully argue over how to hang the lanterns on their awning. We also know Jen will attempt to coerce Larry into playing his guitar in the dim light of those lanterns and that Larry will give in, feigning duress. We know Ryan will spend hours dumping the kiddos off their floats and they'll laugh in delight, that there will be novels, magazines, newspapers and comics scattered over beach blankets, and that as the afternoons wax on, our little gathering of beach chairs will gradually move into the shade provided by Willows and Ash trees lining the shore. We know we'll probably visit the nearby Burrowing Owl and enjoy an incredibly savory meal and we'll also share a collaborative meal (or two) of equally incredible dishes at camp. Sentences start with Anybody up for...?, Who wants to...? and How about a... What we don't know is who or when or where and we like it like that. See you all next year!

And when a campfire is out of the question due to burn bans, twinkle lights and a s'more skillet work just fine.

If by chance, someone has it in mind to find a new locale for this little "reunion", please please please let it be one with a within-walking-distance-penny-candy-store. And next year I'm documenting the food. Oh Nellie, the food was good! These folks don't do hotdogs. ;)


Ryan inquired as to Emerson's rash today.

"It's on my bum." she said. (Not really but it doesn't pay to argue.)

"Does it hurt?" Ryan asks.

"Yah!" Em replied. "It has a crack in it."


Mom, can you make be bald? Like you made Dad?


Mom? Since God is so, y'know, creative and stuff, why doesn't He just turn the devil into a frog?


little friends, BIG hearts!

Meet Ty...
We've been missing our friend, Tyler. We've been thinking about him a lot! Ty's been pretty sick but we're happy because he's getting better. And we're happy he gets to come home tomorrow, even if it's only for a while.

Meet Tell...
He wanted to know who would be at this party he was attending and his mother, Jen, told him that all his friends from convention would be there. "Not ALL my friends!" Tell replied. "'Cause Ty won't be there." I think it is safe and fair to say Ty would have been the bravest knight in attendance and the only one with a mohawk. :) I appreciate these little glimpses into the hearts of our kids. See you soon, Ty!

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Let the games begin...

We had a mighty grand time at Sir Gabriel and Sir Luke's Medieval Party or "Evil Medallion Party" as Ryker insisted on calling it (don't ask - I have no idea). A javelin competition, banana jousting and food fight were favorite events but I think these pics should be allowed to speak for themselves!