Now we know why these guys LOVE sailing. It is an incredible adventure...the beauty of the San Juan Islands, Puget Sound and Mount Baker is unspeakble. Uncle Ron and Auntie Sue, thanks a MILLION for the invitation! Was it you, Blaze, who called the seals, dolphins and orcas out to play? It is always fun spending time with you. The next time we play a game of Farkel, I can promise you...I will be on fire! :-) Missed you, Sarita and Megan!

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So I usually pass on playing tag but I have learned to be thankful for anything at all that makes me stop and consider these things that are most important to me. So thank you, Michelle B., for turning my thoughts this way. Interested too, Michelle, as to what BIG changes are in store for your special little family...keep us "posted". :-)

I'm passionate about...
1) sharing 2) teaching 3) learning 4) pictures 5) health 6) food...not diet, just food 7) nature 8) keeping a happy husband, children and home.

You should read...
1) any or all of Jodi Picoult
2) Holes
3) Because of Winn Dixie
4) Pride and Prejudice
5) For Whom the Bell Tolls
6) Watership Down
7) A Tale of Two Cities
8) the Mark of the Lion series

I often say...
1) It's because I'm sleep deprived! 2) Do you need a consequence? 3) I love you! 4) The next time I have to tell you to clean up... 5) I'll have a tall americano, please. 6) Honey, are you even driving the speed limit? 7) If it weren't for Grandmas, our kids would be naked. 8) I'll do better with the budget next week.

In my lifetime, I want to...
1) know that my children love God. 2) offer my children the kind of support our parents and grandparents have given us. 3) actively participate in Heifer International. 4) learn to make a killer espresso. 5) study photography. 6) voluntour/voluntravel 7) own a vacation home and watch Ryan enjoy retirement. 8) finish Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover or I won't stand a chance with these last two.

This year I have learned...
1) to be content. 2) to enjoy the PROCESS of things. 3) more compassion and that I need more still. 4) to appreciate struggles that lead to victory that lead to song. 5) human love is NOT patient, kind, enduring and slow to anger but God's love is. 6) saying the right thing isn't nearly as important as leaving unsaid the wrong thing. 7) it is pure silliness to argue with a four-year old. 8) sometimes I need a time out.

Michelle V., Rosalyn, Amanda and Elizabeth, you have been tagged though I know all four of you are EXTREMELY busy. :-) Love!


Seattle Aquarium...

...definitely worth it! ryker has decided he wants to be a scuba diver for halloween and an orca rider when he grows up. our favorite attraction was the 90lb octopus, who did not appear even a little impressed by us.


Thanks so much to the gang for loving on the kids! It was our longest camping trip to date and the verdict is in - we really like camping! Ryan spent the week golfing, napping and frolicing in the lake with the kids. Okay, I suppose he spent a few hours working but it doesn't really count when you're lounging under a gazebo on a beautiful beach. Ryker decided he was old enough to swim to the dock (about 50 yards out) without a life vest AND without informing the parents of this decision. He made it just fine and spent the rest of the week reminding us that he could swim with the big kids. Emerson, our girlie girl, wasn't sure about the sand at first. By Friday, she was laying on her belly making sand angels. She spent the week pilfering snacks from random sunbathers. Only one old lady seemed to mind when Em took off with her knitting project, unraveling a long line of yarn in the process. I spent the week cooking, cleaning and watching kids. Not really! :-) I finished several books and magazines and on one occasion, without realizing, floated so far from the beach that it took a half hour to paddle back. In addition, we took daily walks to the candy store, played a serious game of softball, spent way too many hours filling up water balloons, enjoyed a collaborative dinner of delicious hors d'oeurves, roasted hotdogs and marshmellows on the beach, sang camp fire songs and most of all, enjoyed the company of family and friends. Thanks, Glenda, for watching the kids on our anniversary and for inviting us over for a seriously gourmet meal! Looking forward to next year.

Happy 8th, Baby!

Ryan made arrangements on August 12th and we departed camp for a fabulous dinner at the Burrowing Owl Winery in Oosoyoos. I suppose the idea was to stare longingly into one an other's eyes, reminisce of years gone by and whisper sweet nothings but we couldn't take our eyes off the incredible view and our mouths were full of delectables from out of this world! I love you, Babe - YOU are out of this world!

Maybe next year we'll rent a room for the night. Hint, hint! :-)

some of our favorite summer pics...

It was good to spend and evening and share a meal with the islanders. We give Brian and Amber Knopp a hard time but I suppose we can understand why they leave their home on Oahu only once every couple of years. Gavin looks just like his Daddy until he lights up the room with a smile. That, he most definitely gets from his Mom!