Ryker: (whining) I can't find my crocs, Mom!
Kristi: They're by the front door where you left them.
Ryker: (grumbling) Why do we have so many doors? It's toofusing!

Ryker: I love my new pirate ship! It's toomongous! (Thanks Cousin Campbell)

Ryker: (accusingly) Mom, are you wearing your seatbelt?
Kristi: No, but I will be in a second.
Ryker: Just look'in out for ya, Mom.

Ryker: (showering with Ryan) Dad, do you water yours?

I'm going to be in so much trouble for posting that one! :-) K

Hey Kid. That's my arm you're eating and no, you're not getting my wallet!

That Uncle Case is good for something. He keeps Mom out of the snow! (Thanks Bro!)  

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Happy '08!

Thanks, Keith and Bets, for another fun New Year's Eve. Shame on me for not taking a few more pictures. Sisters? 
No, but if Em grows up as sweet as our friend, Luca, we'll be pleased! 
Kiss'in cousins? That's not exactly the kind of kiss we were thinking of, Rex! Tee hee.

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