This spring, Todd and Caroline made a short visit to the Grandparents in Clarkston. It seemed like a good opportunity to test out the new camper. Emerson was thrilled to share her bunk with her cousin, whom she thinks is the greatest thing since, well... bubble bath. Aside from the challenge of trying to hide pregnancy induced nausea(unsuccessfully, I'm told), we had a really good time. Thanks all!


Dinosaurs and Easter Eggs

We celebrated Ryker's 6th Birthday and Easter at one of Ryker's favorite places - Gabriel's house. He wanted a dinosaur party and because dinosaurs and Easter eggs go together and because we already had plans for Sunday lunch and because it would save me a ton of work, I coerced our friends into having both simultaneously. That was after I'd bullied them into having our egg hunt on their sprawling property in the first place. Talk about taking advantage! My photographer was preoccupied and I had to make due with my own photography skills. I guess she was busy hosting. :)

And if anyone wants tips regarding paper mache pinatas, I have one...don't bother!!! Unless, of course, you have hours of excess time and peeling glue from hardwood flooring makes you happy.


Oh baby!

  We fell in love again today, as we watched our baby's heart beating. This untimely but very welcome addition to our family is due the 22nd of December. I thought the news of a baby sister or brother would be enough to talk the kids out of a pet (they've been begging for months) but no such luck. And at dinner this evening, Ryker informed our friends that he wanted a new sister. "Another sister would be really nice!" they agreed. "Not another sister!" he corrected. "A new sister." Needless to say, Ryker is hoping for a boy. Em is not particular regarding gender, so long as the baby likes pink. They both are going to be a big help come December! They both are going to be a big help... If I say it over and over maybe it will be true!?! In just a few weeks, I hope to wake up free of nausea, energized and motivated. Maybe then I'll post some pics of our latest adventures. For now, serving my family something other than cold cereal is enough of an adventure for me.

PS. I totally see Ryan in this pic. At first I thought it was Elmer Fudd but he and I haven't been intimate.

PSS. To Fred and Carol, Instead of receiving a check for the use of your lovely condo 10 short weeks ago, you can now expect a bill. :) :)

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