This beautiful lady was married recently. You can check her out at her new family blog. Best wishes to Mike and Shawna!

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10 reasons to join a CSA next season

10.It'll save you money.
9. You'll eat more vegetables.
8. You may discover you like squash
7. and zuchinni.
6. You'll try new things.
5. Your heart with thank you.
4. You'll throw more dinner parties (to unload
the vegetables).
3. It'll get you out of a meal-planning rut.
2. You'll eat out less
1. And if you're lucky, you'll come home one evening to pumpkins, squash, onions, peppers and things piled high on your porch!!!

I know you've heard of corn-on-the-cob but have you heard of corn-on-the-stalk? I have no idea how to cook it. :)

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Come here, Em. It's time to brush teeth.
Daaad! I already did.
Umm...last Tuesday.


funny thing happened yesterday...

while i was attempting to get from one city to another via the blue bridge. what a nightmare! the left hand lane was backed up for well over a mile and as my lane crept along, more than a handful of vehicles raced by on the right and successfully merged at the front of the line. i was alternately fuming mad at such inexcusable behavior and annoyed that i didn't have the courage to just go for it. 20 minutes later, i reached the top of the bridge and there, behind the barricade, was a police officer with nearly everyone of those cars and their drivers pulled over. i felt vindicated, relieved and ashamed all at the same time. and then i giggled hysterically all the way to my destination because for some strange reason, i found the whole thing inexplicably funny. too much joe and not enough food i think. like you care. ;)

have a good weekend, my faithful readers!


 "Dude! I was zoomin' sooo fast!" Ryker learned how to ride his bike earlier this fall. I do have better pictures but this is his favorite. He thinks the poor focus (iPhones stink at capturing movement) indicates speed and I'm not about to tell him otherwise. The reality is that he was barely going fast enough to keep the thing balanced. So note the absence of training wheels (finally) and ignore the absence of a helmet. What can I say? The kid's head grows faster than his feet.

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Ryker: Emerson, you are so complicated. AND annoying!


Why there are always more pictures of Emers

First there's this.

And this.

Then this (not too weird but definitely pained).

Mother and son (Take one)

Take two.

Take three.

Take four.

Forget it. He is so weird and I love him so much! I love him more than I could ever put into words. Only actions can express this kind of love, you see. That's why I'm posting these pictures and calling him weird. Mothers of boys know that this is the greatest praise I could ever give him.

But give the boy something living, breathing, loving, soft and cuddly...

or something green, moldly and disgusting...

and he'll smile like a prince.


Ryker and Emerson ran lickity-split through the pumpkin patch, turning over many pumpkins in search of just the right one. Ryker's pumpkin is tall, skinny, lumpy, awkward and green. As we were getting ready to load our picks on the hay wagon, Emerson yelled, "Look at this pumpkin Grandma! It's perfect!" And it was. Hers is short, round and perfectly orange. Funny how it wasn't nearly as challenging to find the perfect kitten to bring home with us. Too bad Daddy is such a grump when it comes to kittens. I wish I owned the Country Merc. It is so much fun and such a racket!


Things we love about OCTOBER

A last swim,
a first frost
and one last weekend in the RV.
Luscious green lawns that require less mowing.
Colors! The colors warm my bones!
Hayrides, corn mazes and carmel apples.
A new carousel at the Mercantile.
Bulky sweaters, cozy scarves
and Emerson looking sweet in her boots and mittens.
Soup and toasted cheese.
Pumpkin picking, painting and carving.
Costume planning,
party organizing
and trick-or-treating, of course.
Hot chocolate and board games,
late nights and good friends.
(Hello Pinochle. We've missed you.)
Apple pies, sauce and cider...
(Yeah. Right.)

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Bring it on, October! Wishing all our family and
friends the very best of this harvest season.