'A' for attitude...

"It isn't important how I make my Rs, Mom," Ryker insists. "And anyways, my name looks way cooler with a capital on both ends."

"See ya," Emers says sweetly as we exit our fellowship meeting this morning. "That's right," Daddy adds. "See ya." Em gives Ryan a nasty look and says, "NO! That's mine see ya!" She's laying claim to all sorts of things these days.


A "Memorable" Day...

The kids were in Canada over Memorial Day weekend, being spoiled silly by Grandmas and Aunties. Instead of sitting around missing them, Ryan and I decided it might be fun to take a leisurely hike in the Multnomah Falls area. Leisurely as in, like, a 4000 foot increase in elevation and 14 miles - piece of cake! I wisely packed the "fanny", leaving behind most of the food. Had to make room for the cell phone, ipods and camera, after all. I roughly calculated 14 x 15 minute miles, rounded up a bit and figured 4 hours would do it. 20 ounces of water should be enough. We got ourselves good and hydrated before the trek just to be on the safe side. Coffee and Coke count, right?! Around the five mile mark, we noticed we were the only h i k e r s (term used loosely here) wearing runners and gym shorts who hadn't already turned around. In fact, we were surrounded by climbers with serious gear...backpacks, boots, poles, ear muffs. "Are you kidding me?" I thought. "Dorks. Wannabees! Get a life (or at least an ipod)." And then we saw snow. Boat loads of snow. Any sane person wearing runners and gym shorts would have turned around at the sight of it but what seemed insane at the time was turning around with a mere two miles to summit.

Any sane person wearing runners and gym shorts would have turned around at the sight of this as well.

or maybe this...

or quite possibly this...

But we went all the way, my man and I. And it was beautiful. ;) From Sherrard Point we had panoramic views of Helens, Adams, Rainier, Hood and Jefferson. And when we learned a short trail to the point (.3 mi) can be reached by car, we didn't care...much.

Just one more thing...Whoever coined the phrase, "It's all down hill from here" must have been riding a bike. Downhill is hard work. I suppose we might have found it a little easier had we not ran out of food and water somewhere on the way up. Fortunately the creeks were cold and crystal! My favorite part of our adventure was when the sole fell of Ryan's right shoe. Less than 100 yards later, he lost the other one as well. They we're dangling by the toe so my rugged outdoors man slashed them with a sharp rock and kept on trekking. I remember the day he bought those shoes back in 1997. No joke.

We had fun!


The rest of the weekend was equally as memorable. Practicing for a second honeymoon, I'd say. Next year is 10 years baby (hint hint)!

Fort Vista near our campsite


bouillabaisse - YUM!

Um...yes. Ryan's reading Cosmo (to see why people read this junk he say's). Likely story, I say.

BBQ and live music at Maryhill was a great way to wrap up the weekend. Note the amphitheater in picture 2. Hoping to catch Counting Crows there later this summer.


please don't pass the honey ginger chicken!

Em pushed away her plate during dinner the other night.
"Ozzie food." she said. Ozzie is the neighbor's dog.

And Ryker is sick and tired of pictures.


our recent trip north...

you know you're not getting through the border without a fight when...

...the booth you arrive at is staffed with two guards instead of just one.
...the guards keep glancing at one another as you tell them you forgot your passports (again).
...you're asked, "and whose children are these?"
...you're given a little yellow slip, instructed to pull to the side and exit the vehicle.
...two more guards direct you into a building with rows of benches upon which a number of grim faced americans sit.
...you're treated like the plague and herded like cattle.
...you're asked if you happen to know what passports are for in an exceptionally condescending tone (they spend hours practicing - i just know it).

you know you've won when...

...your beautiful two year old daughter beams at the agent in charge and says "kank you much" for no apparent reason.
...the agent smiles ever so slightly before turning back to scowl at you.
...you're asked if there is anyone who would be willing to fax copies of the passports and handed a number.
...you're told that under no circumstances would you be allowed to enter the country again without proper identification...ever! and apparently, if one wants to travel, one does NOT want to be denied entrance into a foriegn country...ever!

i don't think i'll be left in charge of identification again...ever! :) we had fun though. shopping vancouver with the girls is always enjoyable. ryker and em love northwest beaches. grandpa "stupe" treated twelve of his grandkids to donuts at tim horton's. uncle ron again kicked our butts on an early morning run at the beach and then made up for it with breakfast at a delightful little joint where the coffee is great, the food is better and the customer is always wrong (especially when dripping sweat on the counter). thanks auntie sue, for dinner and games! love visiting!!!

seattle with jenna...

we enjoy visiting jenna in seattle but think it would be pretty sweet if she just packed up, moved to tc and became our live in nanny. the pay would be lousy but the company would be
a w e s o m e. what do you say, girl? ;)

walking with dinosaurs...

the scale of these beasts was incredible! ryker was either complaining that there weren't any tyrannosauruses or crying because the tyrannosauruses were too scary. the rest of us thought it was great. they didn't ask my opinion but i suggest a smaller venue such that the enormity of the dinosaurs would be even more spectacular. they shoulda asked my opinion, in my opinion. ;) it was fun! great idea, jenna.


our kids are great roadsters and it really makes traveling fun! a bottomless bag of canadian sour keys helped out.