Whenever something goes wrong, Piper blames Emerson.  The other day I remarked on the stinky smell in the room.  "Em dit it." Piper declared.  "Em did what?" I asked.  "Em poop it in my diaper."

Today I caught her throwing her peas on the floor.  I clapped my hands to get her attention and started walking that way.  She squirmed in her chair a little and then said, "Be gentle with me, Mommy!"  The cat will be glad to know our efforts to teach gentleness are beginning to stick. 

I love my job!


Giggling today as I was reminded of a day at Lake Tukelnuit.  The kids take daily (often twice daily) trips to the general store and return with baggies of penny candy.  They allowed us parents to tag along on one particular trip and on the way, Ryker was inquiring as to his limit.  Not liking to enforce unnecessary restrictions, I suggested he just use his good sense.  He is eight, after all.  He emerged with a three scoop monster mint ice cream waffle cone and a rehearsed speech designed to explain the sensibility of it.  It was a great effort.  Fortunately, Daddy likes mint ice cream.


Tonight was the night I thought to delete this blog. Instead, I've spent hours reading each post; laughing, crying, loving. And so I begin again. I need to have on record as many memories as possible because I fear one day my memory may fail me entirely. I have a feeling this blog may take on a different form for the simple reason that life is busier than it was even five short years ago.  I think I will just see where it takes me. Or rather, where I take it. 

Ryan called, as he does when traveling, and caught the kids just before bed.  He wished one happy third grader and one crazy excited kindergartner a super first day of school.  Miss Piper was not to be forgotten and had a chance to talk to Dad too.  "Hi Daddy!" she shouted over and over and over.  Eventually I asked for a turn.  "My ton (turn)!" she asserted while wrestling the phone from my reach.  Piper loves phones and shoes.  She loves her daddy too. 


July 4th...

it is my favorite holiday, i think! it makes me feel a wee romantic and a lot nostalgic because my man and i have been watching the fireworks from nearly the same location for 16 years. it also makes me wish i knew how to run a camera.

we love this land of liberty! happy 4th!

A preview of Em's 4th Birthday Carnival

How lucky was I to have two photographer friends at Em's carnival? I am loving these pictures so much!!! So far I have 380 and they are all awesome! Thanks, girls! Carson deserves a sportsmanship award for wearing the clown costume. I am sorry about the water balloons, Carson. I had no idea that activity would take soooo long. ;) Happy Birthday, Emerson!

More pics to come. Maybe a video of spring and early summer? Between attempts at getting this home ready for the market, we've been having fun.

Andrea: This one of you and Eric made me giggle. I can hear your exclamation. :)


Pappy Pirthday Po Poo!

I don't know how it happened but our girl is 4 today. I do know how she came to be, I just don't know how she came to be 4 so soon. Ryker informed us last night that in six years he will be 12, Emers will be 9 and Pipes will be 6. It stopped my heart cold. After today, I'm not going to think about six years from now. It's not good for my heart. On our way to Em's birthday breakfast, Ryker sang "Happy Birthday" 26 times. Each word in each version started with another letter of the alphabet. It was lovely.


I will do everything in my power to make sure four is good to you, baby doll!
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Sarita and Troy

It was amazing. It was hands down the most fun I've had at a wedding. If I hadn't already been holding back tears, I'd have told them how proud we are of them both during open mic. I'd have told them we love them more than words can say but I think they already know. I'd also have made sure everybody in attendance understood I have dibs on their first born. We can't wait to share in the rest of your story, sweet cousins!


It was a privilege to celebrate Grandpa and Grandma's 60th wedding anniversary earlier this spring. One of my favorite childhood memories involves Grandpa wielding a wooden spoon and chasing Grandma around the island in their kitchen. She always tried to pretend she was annoyed by his antics but we knew better. I love it when my hubby swats my bottom and I know this memory has something to do with it. It's a sure sign of the kind of love that lasts, I say!

Have I mentioned how excited I am about my sweet cousins getting married and having babies? Considering the enormous number of cousins I have, I'll have babies to love on for a really long time. Yes!!! I'd planned to bring Kayden home with me and keep him forever but he didn't have a passport at the time.


Oh baby!

I don't know how I'm ever going to stop having these things. It's those eyes...and the holding on for dear life. It is the sleep marks on the cheeks and the drool. The giggles. That sweet smell...it all gets to me man!