A Happy New Year to all!


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It was merry!

 Cookies and milk for Santa.
 Oats for Rudolf and Company.
 A set of real tools from Grandpa.
 A "toomongous" pirate ship from Cousin Campbell.

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 Dress up from Grandma Marlene.
 Toys and books for Emers.

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 Santa came to town.
 Dinner for 20. Cozy!

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Grandma makes it to the Farkel Championship. Tim wins again. A very "Good" Christmas! Thanks all, for more special memories! Only one tired police dog is disappointed in the way things turned out this Christmas...a story I'd love to tell but won't. Tee hee.


She is so cool!

Ryker and Emerson are sitting on the floor today and Emerson lets out her longest and loudest burp to date. "Mom, she is so tool!" Ryker says proudly.

Christmas and cruise albums will be blogged just as soon as I get a minute. New toys are interfering with productivity around here.


our cruise through the caribbean was great fun. the islands were beautiful. the beaches were breathtaking. the company was superb. the weather cooperated. the kids behaved. all in all...a very good time!!! will post more pics later - MUCH later. things are about to get a little bit hectic around here with just a few short days before the holidays.


...so be good for goodness sake!

Ryker has been quite concerned about the possibility that Santa won't make it into our home. You'd think the makers of the gas fireplace might have considered Santa in the design process! Ryker was assured that Santa would use his magical powers to squeak in through even the smallest hole but is now concerned that there might be magical bad guys out there who can do the same. Oh dear. I think Daddy is going to have to use his magic spray to seal up those ity bity holes and perhaps we'll hang a special key on the front door that only Santa knows how to use. Ryker asked Santa for a computer, calculator and real dirt among other things. That last one is going to be a real toughie. Don't know if we can afford real dirt. :-)

Ryker loved Frosty until we found ourselves basking in 70 degree weather. Speaking of warm weather...should be packing for that Caribbean cruise right now. Always thought I work best under pressure. See you all when we get back!

Happy Birthday, Babe!

The tremendous amount of planning and work paid off...Ryan's 30th was a huge success. Eatza Pizza (Ryker's choice) is one classy place for a party. A hostess cupcake, complete with candle, topped the whole thing off in style. Sorry honey! The one bright spot was Andrea rocking Dance Dance Revolution. I'm not entirely sure that I approve of another woman buying my hubby briefs (you know who you are) but they do look pretty hot on him! Grin.

a lot to be thankful for...

...like uncles, aunties and cousins! Thank you, Doug, Jill and Rex, for a wonderful Thanksgiving. Still working off that feast, matter of fact! Ryan is sorely disappointed that he missed out on the brussel sprouts. Maybe next year. Even Emers tasted a little turkey. Look forward to watching Ryker and Rex wreck a little havoc in the years to come. :-)


riding Teak...

Ryker was asked who he went to visit last weekend. "Teak!" he replied. Funny. I thought we went to visit Grandma Gertsie, Uncle Larry, Aunt Mickie and Cousin Christi. Ryker does love riding Teak though. Gerts' new suite is complete and deluxe. We missed you, Jenna. You're just going to have to come visit us!


who's your daddy?

Ryker: Mom, who is your daddy?
Kristi: Grandpa Steve is my daddy, Ryker.
Ryker: I have two daddies.
Kristi: You have just one daddy but he is a GREAT daddy!
Ryker: No. I have two. ONE, TWO (counting them off). My other daddy races race cars and he has a monster truck with horns on the front...AND he yives on a farm too!
Emerson: (drooling) Googada.

Well, whatever he needs to think to hold his head up...I, for one, am proud of Daddy Ryan, who DOESN'T live on a farm (been there, done that), who works hard for this little family (does not race cars) and drives a nice respectable four door Chevy (or will as soon as his new company rig comes in). Hope you're having a great day, babe!


Ryker: Father in heaven, help Mommy be a good yistener.
Mommy: Amen!

Happy Birthday, Gabriel!

Gabriel turned five. The kids ate "jet" cake at the airport restaurant and picked up their "luggage" in the baggage terminal before touring Bergstrom Aircraft. Loads of fun! Thanks, Gabriel, for the invitation. Note the pic of the kids hand-in-hand. Apparently we don't hold hands with girls. This will change too soon, I know. Someone told Ryker that girls are gross. Ah, but boys loooove gross!

Andrea, it is a good thing that we're not Jones'in with the birthday parties. We'd never be able to outdo yours. We'll need to chat about efficiency before you start your event planning business. I know those adorable suitcase party favors took a while. :-)


Our trip north was short but sweet. Grandma Van's homestead in Mount Vernon is a sweet little place stuck in time...hopefully for a very LONG time! Thanks Aunt Sis, for whipping up a delicious meal after slaving away all day at the piano. I've been told Sis is the most sought after teacher in the area and I'm not doubting it.

Loved getting a hug and a chat from good friends, Donna and Terry, who moved from Kennewick a few years ago to build a beautiful lakeside cabin in MV. I did my student teaching with Donna, who somehow escaped the camera. She is an incredibly dynamic and energetic teacher. They have Starbucks in Pasco as well, you two. Next time we'll treat and won't be late!

BC was grand as always. Ryker yoooooves his "big girl" cousins and Auntie Cathy is okay too. The wig was much more flattering on Cath but I love her new "do" and am happy to see the wig being passed around. She has reason to celebrate with chemo out of the way and just one more week of radiation. A strong woman she is, she is! Ryan reportedly had a good time at the BC Lion's game in Vancouver with my rowdy uncles and cousins. We reached the border on our return to the states to be greeted with a two hour lineup. Lucky us, Mom had been in line for some time and we squeezed in front of her. I wouldn't recommend it and probably won't try it again as the looks we got almost could kill. You can't really get away from the guilt when you're neck and neck with witnesses for an hour or more. We're definitely signing up for Nexus on our next trip!