Asotin weekend...

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It is a really good thing we invested in a king bed.

Because you see, we use it all up!

You might look at this picture and see space as in spaciousness. Not me. I see empty space.

How many babies do you think it would take to fill up all that empty space?


Ryker and Emerson enjoyed their Easter gift from Grandma Marlene! However, I think the next time they make it will be at Grandma's house. We were stepping on sprinkles for a week and I vacuumed twice. :)


weekend project...

Ryan and Ryker were up and working hard long before breakfast hit the plates. By 9:00 a.m. there was no turning back. Neighbors wandered by inquiring as to when we'd be having our first pool party. And after six loads of dirt, we were thinking we might as well put in a pool or at least a hot tub to soothe the aching joints. Joints?!! What are we? Like fifty or something?

Yard work is hard work and calls for a picnic. The project will be finished as soon as we add stone around the perimeter to hide the plastic barrier.

More yard work. We were tired of chasing bark around the yard and so replaced it with rock. Let's see the wind try and move this stuff around!


As long at it's HER idea!

Who wants pancakes? I ask.
I do! I do! Ryker replies.
No pantakes. says Em.
Would you like cereal? I try.
No cheerios.
Eggs and sausage?
No eggs.
How about toast?
No toast.
What are you going to eat then?


Happy Easter!


uh oh.

that funny thing you're feeling right now may be your tubes untying themselves.

as soon as baby lakin is sleeping through the night, she's moving in with us.



Dad, is soooo smart! But don't worry Mom, you're the pretty one.


"The worst day EVER!"

after versed :)

after hernia repair :(

it could have gone better. the good news is that ryker feels great now and we can't keep him down for a minute. and thanks (i think) to versed, he doesn't remember a thing.


Turning 5 is a big deal!

Another bug party. Ryker insisted on a scavenger hunt in the park and would you believe, we had our first nice day of the season! Thanks to all who helped Ryker celebrate, even those who complained about the party favors. FOR THE LOVE OF SCIENCE, they're harmless little roaches!!! :)

I did a poor job of picture taking but thanks to Andrea, who captures the best images EVER, we have some great ones for later. They're a must see for anyone with a burning desire to build a cockroach habitat.

Post dated several blog updates for this week. So check back later!


No time at all...

today was the day i meant to update this blog but much more fun and interesting things came about instead. maybe this weekend?! it can't be tonight. i have a date. with the man i love.

Happy Birthday Lukie Dukie!

Luke wants to be five, not three. Still, we were happy to join in the third birthday celebration of one of our favorite little people. A mission accomplished, I'd say. :)