ryker's birthday pics have been trickling in from family and friends. posting a few because they have made me smile today.


finally four!

The pirates partied at the 'Batavia Lair' and had a swagger'in good time. They played walk-the plank, x-marks-the-spot and sink-the-ship. They read How I Became a Pirate and like any good pirate would, devoured 'no scuvy' snacks and pirate cake. While playing sink-the-ship with Grandma Tim's pirate-themed bean bags, we learned that pirates do indeed steal, cheat and plunder. Especially the grownup variety. :-) The kids had permission to use the word booty for one whole day without repercussions and so, of course, they didn't. Imagine! Thanks, all, for making this a very special memory for our little pirate.

Click to play pirate ryker turns four!
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call 911 and get grandma...

Ryker and I have been working on pirate decorations for his fourth birthday bash.

"Mom!" he calls, distraught and breathless. "Call 911 and get Grandma!"

"Why? What happened?" I ask, running.

"Because we have a problem and Grandma Tim needs to stitch it up." He is holding a piece of pirate fabric with holes in it (so much for a designer table runner). Who gave the kid scissors anyway?

Later, Ryan and Ryker are searching the Internet for pirate vocabulary. Ryker is calling again but this time he is hugely disgusted with something. As cool as it was, Daddy didn't think he needed to order the pirate sticker collection.

"Moooom, Dad won't yisten to me. Will you talk to him...because it is really hard!" No comment from Mom but a really big silly grin.