still laughing...

We recently received a gift for Emerson from Uncle Todd and Auntie Rosalyn in the mail. It required scissors to open and Ryker was disgusted that he couldn't help. I thought he'd forget about the scissors if he was allowed to open the card and read it to us. It was quite interesting, what that Aunt Rosalyn wrote!

"Love Daddy, Mommy, Ryker and Emerson,

I am a yittle bit sad. If you don't yet me play with scissors then I'm never going swimming at Grandma Marilyn's again. I don't yike playing either. I only yike watching movies and going to the movie store. The end.

Love Uncle Todd, Auntie Rosalyn, Campbell and Caroline"

I'm figuring all of this attitude will run out by the time he's a teenager!?! Ya think?

We were a little slow on the camera trigger! Missed most of the fair fun but caught the effects of it. Having left the rodeo early (right after calf roping and projectile vomiting), Ryker found something of great interest in his nose. I asked him if he needed a tissue. "Nope!" he replied. "I'll just put the buger back!" Sure enough.


more things he says...

Excuse me but I'd yike some privacy, please.

My yife is ruined!

This is juice, not pop! And I'm a yittle bit frustrated about that!

camping at Lake Oliver

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Cousins make camping so cool! Thanks Aunties, for loving on Emerson. Thanks Uncle Case, for the use of your camper. Oliver, see you next year!


and then there were four...


the things he says...

Pamatoes are bisgusting and yummyade is belicious.

If I eat yots of candy when I'm sick, will the sugar bugs eat the sick bugs in my tummy?

Our father in heaven, thank you for meeting and babention. Thank you for Daddy and Mommy and yittle boys who yisten. I'm not a very good yistener though.

You're the best Daddy I never saw and you're the best Mommy I never had.

God, Thank you for Yucky Charms. They are belicious!

Red means stop. Green means go. Yellow means haaaaaang on! Mommy's going fast!

Are speeding tickets yike spankings?

I yive in Pasco, Washingmachine.

I'll have a pepperwhitemintchinni please. That'll be a tall. (Mommy's favorites are the caramel frapp and the peppermint white chocolate mocha. Always tall.)