July 4th...

it is my favorite holiday, i think! it makes me feel a wee romantic and a lot nostalgic because my man and i have been watching the fireworks from nearly the same location for 16 years. it also makes me wish i knew how to run a camera.

we love this land of liberty! happy 4th!

A preview of Em's 4th Birthday Carnival

How lucky was I to have two photographer friends at Em's carnival? I am loving these pictures so much!!! So far I have 380 and they are all awesome! Thanks, girls! Carson deserves a sportsmanship award for wearing the clown costume. I am sorry about the water balloons, Carson. I had no idea that activity would take soooo long. ;) Happy Birthday, Emerson!

More pics to come. Maybe a video of spring and early summer? Between attempts at getting this home ready for the market, we've been having fun.

Andrea: This one of you and Eric made me giggle. I can hear your exclamation. :)