Both children love Piper equally, but where Em has been extremely helpful Ryker has been, well, not so helpful. He does like to inform me when Pipes is hungry though. "Mom!" he'll yell. "It's time to milk your baby!"

Em likes to talk about the time when she will have her own baby. And because Ryan has already determined that neither of his girls will date before they're 25, I tell her it will be a long time from now. And only after Mommy picks a man for her to marry! "You mean my prince." she says.

Piper just smiles. Move over, Sis. There's another princess in this house.


In an effort to get in shape for a couple of upcoming ski days, we hiked Badger. Ryker's friend, Cavan, joined us and we are really proud of them both. They kept good attitudes the whole way up. And I was terrified that they were going to careen over a cliff edge on the way down. The highlight of our adventure was when Cavan thoughtfully shared his skittles with us. And if you think Cavan and Ryker let even one skittle go to waste, you'd be wrong. Dirt just adds minerals to a nutritive snack. :)


heart day

The kids helped with setting the table and dipping strawberries for Daddy's Valentine's Day dinner. He wanted tacos but, for the life of me, I couldn't come up with a way to make tacos sexy. Tacos just don't go with sparkling grape juice, candle light and strawberries. It must have been a good meal though - Ryan fell asleep long before Baby Piper. ;) The kiddos owe Grandparents and Greats big thankful hugs for all the Valentine goodies!


Laura Ring Photography

I've determined that it is impossible to get a good picture of three children, especially when one is a 6 year old boy. A house heated to 85 degrees didn't help, I suppose, but we couldn't have a goose-pimply naked newborn. Thanks, Laura! (Find her on facebook!) More pictures of Piper coming soon. She doesn't look anything like this anymore. Sob!


a hazard of learning to read...

Emerson is convinced that the bubble bath is actually lotion and it is not doing her skin any favors. I try to tell her otherwise, that it is actually bubble bath. She looks really close at the label and says, "Nope. Because there isn't any f." When I inquire as to what that means, I get a scowl. And with all the attitude a three and a half year old can muster, she says "bubble bafffffffff." I'm such an idiot. :):):)