ali walker photography

a couple of pics from our first family shoot with the amazing ali walker. even with the crabbiest of kids, she magically coaxes genuine smiles. we will post the link to our gallery as soon as she gets it to us. ali's webpage and blog are linked in our sidebar. check her out. we think she's great!


and she's one...

What a fabulous year it has been! It is impossible to share how much we love you all for loving our little ones! Thanks all!!!

thanks a lot, mom!

look what happens when mom pushes me on the zip line...oops! dad, thank you for a delicious dinner at amici's and icecream at rosies! next time ryker will join you for golf... :-)


awww...i LOVE this picture! great shot, sonee.


(photography by sonee)


"sorry honey! i spent the furniture money..."

Eric turned 50 today (not really but close enough)...was completely surprised by loads of family and friends but more so by the hot little shelby cobra andrea bought him. his dream car - and wife no doubt. :-) posting TOO many pics because it was just so much fun!

brian's vette, eric's shelby, doug's trans am, john's chevelle

john 46, doug 47, jl lost count, eric 50

...later at the not-so-cool desert nights car show and parade.


just for fun...

farmer rex turns two!

The next morning Ryker asked if I thought he'd be invited to Rex's three year birthday party and whether I knew if it would be another farm party. "Because that was the best birthday party ever, Mom!" Thinking of sending a few of these pics to our friend, Doug, down at RDO. I think they might just sell a tractor or two. I mean, really, who knew how many kids could fit in a John Deere? Welcome to the not-so-terrible twos, Rex. We love you!