Like I said, sugar and spice!

These days, Emerson has taken to cuddling my bump. She likes to kiss the bump, pet the bump, talk to the bump and rest her head on the bump. I asked her if she can tell that my tummy is growing. "Ya." she replied and then added (much to Ryan's delight), "So is your bum."


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I wasn't present during this particular conversation between Ryker and his favorite buddy but I'm glad my friend shared it with me. Everytime it comes to mind, I laugh out loud. You know how boys are - he and his pal were attempting to best each other and near as I can tell, Ryker was getting desperate because he brought out the big guns. "Oh yeah?" he said. "Well, my grandma can sew better than yours!" :)


City Slickers!

I'm ashamed to say that I've raised a couple of city kids. Ryker and Em would rather hold lizards, pet snakes and play with cockroaches than get anywhere near a cow - or calf, for that matter. We recently took a field trip to what was once the Vanbatavia Dairy. Current owners have yet to remove the sign in the parlor with our name on it. It was difficult to convince Ryker to pet a calf and I doubt he will again. Ryan may have to give up the idea of Ryker showing steers at the fair and resign himself to raising rabbits. :) And after about five minutes, Em decided she could see everything she wanted from the back seat of our Yukon. She loves her western boots but sure ain't no cowgirl!


Ryan enjoyed a weekend in Alaska, fishing with his father and family friends (I stole these pics from fb - don't tell!) He would like to claim that beastly halibut but thankfully, the fish he caught were MUCH smaller. I can only do so much fish. That said, we enjoyed delicious halibut tacos last night. And I mean DELICIOUS! Ryan requested that I make them at the lake and that's saying something because only his favorite meals make The Lake Menu. :)


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Hello, Gambia!

Someone in Gambia peeked at this blog. Being that it is a small country in Western Africa, I have to assume it was either Laura, Jill, Megan or Cara. Love you girlies!!! After a few minutes browsing the internet and learning a little about Gambia, I came to the conclusion that I really want to be there right now! :) Hope that as I type, you're all lounging on this little beach or off on a really exciting adventure. HUGS!!!


The Leukemia and Lymphoma Yard Sale Benefit went great! Friday was crazy busy. Saturday started out slow. You've heard of political sign wars, I'm sure. Apparently there are also yard sale sign wars and because we're a little naive, it took us the better part of two hours to figure out that someone had kicked our signs over. They had hefty rocks in them and there is just no way the wind knocked them over. We sent Case out to investigate and before he'd even returned from righting our signs, cars were streaming in. It was all made okay when a man and his wife offered to haul all remaining items away. Perfect! Thanks so much for everyone's help and donations! And to those who donated so generously at the kids' lemonade stand. Perhaps their success was due less to generousity and more to Ryker taking the bills and saying, "Thanks. We don't do change." :) I doubt it though. Everyone I saw left with a smile on.



I love this land...

no doubt about it! hope your 4th was happy.



Seattle Rock-n-Roll

Some pics from our race on June, 26. Ryker keeps asking who won and I keep telling him I did. "No. Seriously, Mom!" He rolls his eyes and asks again, "Who won?" We had fun! This season alone, our Team In Training chapter (WA/AK) raised $640,000 for blood cancer research. And I heard rumored that The American Cancer Society makes over 1 million on an event of this size. We'll wrap up our first (but not last) experience with TNT this weekend with our Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Yard Sale Benefit. Big thank you "hugs" will be posted and mailed shortly thereafter. Thanks for all your help!

This last one was taken by teammate, Denise, at the victory party hosted by TNT. Just looking at it makes my knees ache and nose tingle from the scent of Icy Hot. I suppose it qualifies as our "after" photograph. You may or may not remember the "before" pic I posted. It is a mystery to me how the fat migrated up my thighs and found a comfortable resting place on my abdomen. :)

Early this spring, Ryker arrived at his first baseball practice and asked Coach Mike which hand he should put his mitten on. Considering his starting point, Ryker was indisputably the most improved player. :)

Em and Clay

Cavan, our neighbor, and Ryker played baseball together. Clay is Cavan's younger brother. We like Clay. We like Clay a lot! However, we are concerned about his attraction to our daughter. It is a good thing Ryan was coaching first base on this occasion and it is a good thing baseball season is over. Things were getting pretty steamy. :)


So last things first

...or first things last. whatever. there is no particular order to this series of posts. i'm posting em's birthday pics first because my friend takes great pics and i love them. so pink! em recently decided pink is no longer her favorite color but when pressed to come up with a new favorite color she hesitated before settling on, what else? light pink! princess emerson in all her pink glory...