Our trip north was short but sweet. Grandma Van's homestead in Mount Vernon is a sweet little place stuck in time...hopefully for a very LONG time! Thanks Aunt Sis, for whipping up a delicious meal after slaving away all day at the piano. I've been told Sis is the most sought after teacher in the area and I'm not doubting it.

Loved getting a hug and a chat from good friends, Donna and Terry, who moved from Kennewick a few years ago to build a beautiful lakeside cabin in MV. I did my student teaching with Donna, who somehow escaped the camera. She is an incredibly dynamic and energetic teacher. They have Starbucks in Pasco as well, you two. Next time we'll treat and won't be late!

BC was grand as always. Ryker yoooooves his "big girl" cousins and Auntie Cathy is okay too. The wig was much more flattering on Cath but I love her new "do" and am happy to see the wig being passed around. She has reason to celebrate with chemo out of the way and just one more week of radiation. A strong woman she is, she is! Ryan reportedly had a good time at the BC Lion's game in Vancouver with my rowdy uncles and cousins. We reached the border on our return to the states to be greeted with a two hour lineup. Lucky us, Mom had been in line for some time and we squeezed in front of her. I wouldn't recommend it and probably won't try it again as the looks we got almost could kill. You can't really get away from the guilt when you're neck and neck with witnesses for an hour or more. We're definitely signing up for Nexus on our next trip!