Ryker: (whining) I can't find my crocs, Mom!
Kristi: They're by the front door where you left them.
Ryker: (grumbling) Why do we have so many doors? It's toofusing!

Ryker: I love my new pirate ship! It's toomongous! (Thanks Cousin Campbell)

Ryker: (accusingly) Mom, are you wearing your seatbelt?
Kristi: No, but I will be in a second.
Ryker: Just look'in out for ya, Mom.

Ryker: (showering with Ryan) Dad, do you water yours?

I'm going to be in so much trouble for posting that one! :-) K


The Fine Family said...

The kids are adorable! Thanks for the Christmas card-- we have bookmarked your blog! We have one too so check it out when you have time! Hope to see you all soon!