emers has a new word. "nandy?" she asks, over and over and over. "no, emerson. mommy doesn't have any candy." "oo. nama?" she inquires with the sweetest expression of hopefulness. as if mommy might just pick up and head over to grandmas for a piece of candy. i might. em is very persuasive.

ryker is into exercise these days. "mom, I need some excercise. i'm going to razor around the block." which would be great except he doesn't return. this is really just a ploy to find out if either cavan or brock can play. and if not, grandma's house is fun too (she has candy and lots of it). oh dear. mine is the neighborhood nuisance who shows up unexpectedly and stays forever. a bit like the narcotic lawn fungus infecting yards around here. not really! we have one cool and kind kid. it appears he is welcomed everywhere. emerson, on the other hand, is shaping up to be the neighborhood bully. all parenting tips welcome! i remember thinking really people, it's not that hard! then someone sent me emers just to put me in my place. i so deserved it. and i love her soooo much! i think we'll keep them both.