tee hee. so some of you may already know that ryan leans a little to the right and i lean a little to the left. fortunately neither of us is too far left or too far right that we can't occasionally meet in the middle. this meeting in the middle, however, has become increasingly more challenging since the purchase of the king bed and two little ones who always manage to...wait...i was talking about political preferences, wasn't i? anyway...i have a little something to say to dr. laura fleshenbeater. it is entirely possible to change your husband after the nuptials! i did. yep! he voted obama. if you don't believe it...email him, call him...whatever. just ask him and he'll be proud to tell you! that said, ryan still gets a kick out of sending me disparaging emails regarding anything a bit "lefty". i quite enjoyed this one and hope you do too. happy trick-or-treating, all!

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Rosalyn R. Tippett said...

Thanks for the political chuckle. I sent the cartoon to my bleeding liberal boss. Let's hope I don't get fired over it.

ryan and kristi said...

i can't imagine your boss getting fired up over a silly cartoon such as this but it is interesting how emotional people are about this election, rosalyn. for the record...i am not a bleeding heart anything...think of myself as a "center left." also for the record...i can't speak for my husband. but he is deserving of a little flak as he took entirely too much pleasure in keeping his vote from me for entirely too long. :-)