Ryker vacillated for months between a scuba diver and a chef. That was before he found a red-eyed tree frog in one of the many costume catalogs arriving in our mail. He knew immediately that Em would be the frog and he would be a fly. There was no convincing him otherwise! Em already thinks she runs this show and I imagine that next year, Ryker will not get to coordinate the two of them. So this be the two of them. Grandma Marlene's sewing and design is always top notch! Who votes that I should start her a sewing and design blog? I'm sure she would title it Made by ME (Marlene Elizabeth). :-)

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Rosalyn R. Tippett said...

Emerson and Ryker are bound to win first place in the Halloween costume contest again. A Marlene creation is always a winner.

The Lembckes said...

those two are SO stink'n cute!!! What a perfect idea...you have such smart children!! Marlene did a beautiful job on those costumes....I have to dress up at work...i should of thought about it sooner and had her make me a coffee bean outfit!! =)

Kelly and Janae said...

so cute and creative! what a fun time of year for your little family! I need to meet them sometime ;O)