My favorite student (okay my only student) told me she loves me today. She's fifteen. It may seem strange but isn't. Not one bit. It had me smiling, remembering a while back when she'd called me for help on her homework.

Mrs. Tippett?
Hi, Sky.
What's up, Sky?
I need some help.
With biology.
It's my homework.
So after the nuclear fusion of two deuterium atoms, the resulting fused nucleus in an atom of helium contains how many protons and how many neutrons?
Um...hold on...(Thankgoodness for Google - I bring up the periodic table in a wink.)...okay! Deuterium, a hydrogen isotope, has the atomic number of 1, which means one proton and one electron. These heavy hydrogen atoms also have 1 neutron so when nuclear fusion occurs, the resulting helium atom contains two protons, two neutrons and two...
Okay. That's all I need, Mrs.T. Loveyoubye.

The phone rings again.

Um...okay...so that was weird.
It's fine, Sky. I do stuff like that all the time.
Okay...well...I'll see you later then. Loveyoubye.

Sky is so great! And in case you're wondering "we" have a B in biology. I can prove it too. Someone should have told me how easy it would be if I'd just show up for class and do the homework. Also in case you're wondering...I have no memory of Sky's actual question and just wanted to sound clever. Did it work? Did it?


Log home living said...

I think it did! You're a hoot Mrs. Tippett wish you were my teacher!