Ryan was scheduled to work in Memphis for two weeks and the kids and I decided to visit him over the weekend. I can't decide which was the low point of the trip. Was it when chunks of projectile vomit landed in the hair of the man in front of us? Was it when Emerson ran out of clothes and spent several hours wearing nothing but my coat? Maybe it was when Ryker and Em were vomiting simultaneously and a strange woman had to help my son, who was so brave and strong and sweet that it brought tears to my eyes. Or maybe it was sitting in an airplane on the tarmac for FOUR hours before it even took to the skies. Three plane rides, 6 delays, two changes of clothes and 20 hours later, we arrived. As for migraines, strep, snow and rain...well we could have done without those too.

That said, we were very glad to spend a wee bit of time with Joe, Michelle and Jaden in Nashville. Thanks guys, for meeting us halfway! I have no need to visit either city again but we did enjoy a fabulous meal at Nashville's Firefly Grille. Opryland is overrated but the kids loved feeding the stingrays at the nearby Aquarium Cafe. Ryker got a huge kick out of several digestion exhibits at A Science Adventure. Specifically, the ones that had to do with poo and vomit. Emerson loved "wimming" in the hotel pool. And Jaden wants a baby sister. So it's all good and we'll do it again...when the kids are, say, 15. :)


The Fine Family said...

I have never ever felt more bad for a mom than after reading this story. I hate flying with Matt and two kids and I cannot imagine going through this! It sounds like you are laughing now, and I don't know how :)

Isn't it funny what strep throat can do to a kid? Things we never would know. Nicholas doesn't even get a sore throat, he just vomits in his sleep and I know. God help us mommies.

I hope you are recovered and that Ryan is home too!


Andrea B said...

Oh that sounds so horrible. Just the 4 hours on the tarmac is enough torture... without the vomit & three planes & 20 hours & migraines & strep. Yuck. I'm traumatized just reading your post.

Log home living said...

Wow--I'm traumatized too...you really have a way of writing and getting to the heart of the matter. Remember how we try to get the kids to write with "voice"? You've got it! I "see/hear" you when I read your stuff!