Em woke earlier than the norm this morning and Ryker was happy to wrap her up in blankets and cuddle her as she so likes to do upon waking. I continued to help my student with her studies until I heard Ryker and Em in the bathroom. "Great job, Em." Ryker exclaimed. "You're such a big girl. Brother is proud of you!" He was helping his sis go to the potty. We're exactly two weeks into this program and still on a bit of a learning curve. I sat quietly at the top of the stairs and watched as he proceeded to help her wash hands and then attempted to clip her unruly hair away from her face. Em waited patiently while Ryker fumbled with her hair. Before returning to my work, I gave my sweet son a hug and told him I think he is the best kid ever. Oblivious, he asked, "How come, Mom?". I love my babies!

On another note, I am appreciating email updates regarding our friends in Haiti. It is good to see progress being made towards repairing homes and grounds, to see smiling faces and to know that much needed medical treatment is becoming more available. Melanie is safe, in good company and has returned to teaching. I envy her the privilege of providing these desperate kiddos with something so simple and yet so valuable - normalcy. Among my favorite pictures are several of women throughout the city of Port-au-Prince wielding straw brooms and sweeping rubble. A beautiful picture of human resiliency and hope, if you ask me. Hugs and love!


The Fine Family said...

I wish we lived closer because Ryker and Nick would be great friends. How sweet he was. I can only hope that Nick will help with Nate potty training because Nate is a terror and his new nickname is "The Situation." :) I love reading your blog. The kids' stories are so sweet!