Both children love Piper equally, but where Em has been extremely helpful Ryker has been, well, not so helpful. He does like to inform me when Pipes is hungry though. "Mom!" he'll yell. "It's time to milk your baby!"

Em likes to talk about the time when she will have her own baby. And because Ryan has already determined that neither of his girls will date before they're 25, I tell her it will be a long time from now. And only after Mommy picks a man for her to marry! "You mean my prince." she says.

Piper just smiles. Move over, Sis. There's another princess in this house.


Pete and Ash said...

The things your kids say always put a smile on my face .. they are soooo cute =) 'Time to milk your baby' .. that's a classic! Thanks for sharing & hope you're doing well. Little Piper is simply adorable!!

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Log home living said...

Oh my!~ Hadn't been on here for a bit and Piper is almost grown..gasp! What a dolly. She will be so loved. I also love, love that first pic of Ryker and Em--it is beautiful! Those eyes! I think maybe, just maybe, Dad will have his work cut out for him!