Tonight was the night I thought to delete this blog. Instead, I've spent hours reading each post; laughing, crying, loving. And so I begin again. I need to have on record as many memories as possible because I fear one day my memory may fail me entirely. I have a feeling this blog may take on a different form for the simple reason that life is busier than it was even five short years ago.  I think I will just see where it takes me. Or rather, where I take it. 

Ryan called, as he does when traveling, and caught the kids just before bed.  He wished one happy third grader and one crazy excited kindergartner a super first day of school.  Miss Piper was not to be forgotten and had a chance to talk to Dad too.  "Hi Daddy!" she shouted over and over and over.  Eventually I asked for a turn.  "My ton (turn)!" she asserted while wrestling the phone from my reach.  Piper loves phones and shoes.  She loves her daddy too. 


Lenaya said...

I'm glad you're "back at it"! =)

Ash Malone said...

I cannot tell you how many times I've also thought of deleting my blog - but have done the same thing... reading back over old posts, thinking - this is the most perfect way to capture what happens in life & the way we feel when it does happen =)

Thank you for not deleting yours! I love reading news!! =) xx