Pappy Pirthday Po Poo!

I don't know how it happened but our girl is 4 today. I do know how she came to be, I just don't know how she came to be 4 so soon. Ryker informed us last night that in six years he will be 12, Emers will be 9 and Pipes will be 6. It stopped my heart cold. After today, I'm not going to think about six years from now. It's not good for my heart. On our way to Em's birthday breakfast, Ryker sang "Happy Birthday" 26 times. Each word in each version started with another letter of the alphabet. It was lovely.


I will do everything in my power to make sure four is good to you, baby doll!
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Jenna said...

Happy Birthday Em! Miss you and love you. xoxo-Cousin Jenna

ShellyElizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Em!!! Wow Kristy, they are all growing up SO fast!! miss them <3 bring them by sometime!!