"My friend named Gabriel..."

Ryker: Mom, Do you know that all fish bite?
Kristi: No Ryker, some fish bite but most do not.
Ryker: Gabriel says all fish bite so they do.
Ryan: Mom is right. Only a few fish bite.
Ryker: Well...Gabriel says all fish bite so they do.
Ryan: (a little fed up with the conversation) Gabriel is WRONG!
Ryker: No. You're wrong. Gabriel is RIGHT!


Kristi: Ryker! Quit eating your boogers. That's disgusting.
Ryker: Gabriel says boogers are yummy.


Gabriel: (grining mischieviously) PSSSSST, Ryker. You should throw that dinosaur over that rail.
Ryker: (immediately ready to launch the dinosaur over the rail)
Luca: Gabriel is trying to get you in trouble, Ryker.
Ryker: (contemplates for a second but appears to be leaning towards tossing the dinosaur over the rail except he catches sight of his mom out of the corner of his eye and reluctantly lowers his arm)

Fun times ahead. I hope Luca is around for a long, long time. :-) Gabriel too!!!