who's your daddy?

Ryker: Mom, who is your daddy?
Kristi: Grandpa Steve is my daddy, Ryker.
Ryker: I have two daddies.
Kristi: You have just one daddy but he is a GREAT daddy!
Ryker: No. I have two. ONE, TWO (counting them off). My other daddy races race cars and he has a monster truck with horns on the front...AND he yives on a farm too!
Emerson: (drooling) Googada.

Well, whatever he needs to think to hold his head up...I, for one, am proud of Daddy Ryan, who DOESN'T live on a farm (been there, done that), who works hard for this little family (does not race cars) and drives a nice respectable four door Chevy (or will as soon as his new company rig comes in). Hope you're having a great day, babe!


Joe and Michelle said...

Now that is REALLY funny! According to my last recollection, Ryan doesn't even go 1 mph over the speed limit, so racing cars IS a bit of a stretch! LOL Someday Ryker will appreciate the solid stability his GREAT daddy has to offer!

ryan and kristi said...

My hope is that he will someday be A LOT like his daddy. We celebrated Ryan's birthday at Eatza Pizza a couple of days ago (the Italian version of Chucky Cheese and Ryker's choice). Ryan won't even speed on the video game! Yeeeesh! I think his edgiest choice in life was marrying me. :) Love him for it. Wish you'd been here. Andrea and I really rocked Dance Dance Revolution. On second thought Michelle, you being there would have made us look worse...if possible.