...so be good for goodness sake!

Ryker has been quite concerned about the possibility that Santa won't make it into our home. You'd think the makers of the gas fireplace might have considered Santa in the design process! Ryker was assured that Santa would use his magical powers to squeak in through even the smallest hole but is now concerned that there might be magical bad guys out there who can do the same. Oh dear. I think Daddy is going to have to use his magic spray to seal up those ity bity holes and perhaps we'll hang a special key on the front door that only Santa knows how to use. Ryker asked Santa for a computer, calculator and real dirt among other things. That last one is going to be a real toughie. Don't know if we can afford real dirt. :-)

Ryker loved Frosty until we found ourselves basking in 70 degree weather. Speaking of warm weather...should be packing for that Caribbean cruise right now. Always thought I work best under pressure. See you all when we get back!


Joe and Michelle said...

Wow! Amazingly enough, Jaden had the exact same concerns! I haven't blogged it yet, but intend to! Aren't they suppose to be 3?!?

Love Michelle

ryan and kristi said...

Well, the key really worked. We hung a key on a ribbon, tied it to our wreath and Ryker's little mind is now free of concerns. Look forward to seeing pics of your Christmas antics! Know you five will have a great time but we'll miss you!