things he says...

Mom, (sulking) If you'd buy me some Sketchers, then I could run as fast as all my super fast friends.
You have a pair of really great Sketchers, Ryker. You know your camo pair?
Well, if they were red, then I could run super fast. Hey, I know! Why don't we just paint them red?

Dad, how about we take some of my toys to Goodwill. I have too much toys!
Great idea Ryker. And the little kids who get to play with your toys will think it is great too.
Yeah. I have too much junk. Then we can have room to buy new toys.

Mom, I really really want a pet. Can I have a pet, pleeeease!
Ryker, when you are old enough to take care of a pet, we will think about getting you one.
Can't you take care of it?
I already have to take care of you and Em.
Well, if we didn't have Em then you could take care of me and my pet and I wouldn't ever have to take care of anything.

As for Emers...she has three words - Ryker, woof woof and ball. She has the sounds but is not discriminate about the use of Mama or Dada. She wakes every morning, smiles and asks plainly for "Ry Ker". If only he knew how much she loves him. :-) She will be walking just as soon as she figures out that she can.