joseph, oregon

It seemed that everywhere I turned, there stood another Tippett relative. It was great fun and Joseph is a delightful little town. Queen Christi and her entourage made the Saturday morning parade. Ryker's favorite entry was a string of radio flyer wagons protesting the town's failure to bring in a carnival this year. Beautiful views of the Blues could be seen from the rodeo, which was top notch. Uncle Wayne pulls his camp trailer with an 18 wheeler. Ah well...he's always been a little over the top. :-) We like camping!


Log home living said...

We did just miss you--it's a great reunion spot isn't it? I remember 20 years ago jumping in that water off a dock, not realizing it was a glacier-fed lake. Wow--I didn't catch my breath for 5 minutes! Good to see your pics and adoreable kids again. See you soon at Miltown!

Anonymous said...

Great site!!! You guys have a wonderful family no doubt.... My Best, Brian Davis