Yea! A win...finally! A sweet wave of nostalgia hits every time we venture to Pullman. It starts, for me, as we crest a hill just before Washtucna and are greeted with views of rolling hills and dry-land wheat strips. We had a good laugh with Brady. He described feeling particularly nostalgic as he paid the cashier at the same concession booth where, ten years before, he had met Shannon. He also felt compelled to share this nostalgia with the student handling his money, as we all know Brady would. :-) She gave that slightly-annoyed-but-mostly-don't-give-a-darn-stare perfected by hours of manning concessions and shouted, "Next!" Which is hilarious because, according to Shannon, there was no one else in line. She'll feel you one day, Brady! So glad Brady and Shannon invited us to join them! Thanks, Amanda and Drew, for stopping in for lunch. Ryan and I enjoyed fellowship at Ken and Tanya Carper's home on Sunday! It was our first time back to that little meeting and the "Carper's...Welcome!" tile hanging by the front door made me a little teary!

Eric, Braeden, Brenda and Cody Wilkerson, us, Shannon, Logan and Brady Dickhaus

The band comes to play for the RVers. Not sure what they were wearing but it's all good. Been there...not really done that exactly. You gotta love college! Brady was running for the duck tape but it was unclear as to whether he was going to add to these outfits or wear it so we held him back. :-)

I can now picture Cousin Amy in what has to be the classiest dorm room on campus. We may have taken up too much of Aim's time but that girl needed a break from torturing cute little white lab rats anyway. :-)