he loves, teaches, protects and torments her. she adores and annoys him. they are pure joy, the both of them!

you can't tell, auntie rosalyn, but i am wearing the little eTa onesie you bought me.

a game of sorry before bed. ryker wins again. it will be just us girls next week. ryan is on his way to georgia tomorrow and ryker to tennessee shortly thereafter. i am looking forward to spending the week alone with emers and dreading spending the week alone with emers. she will miss her big brother and playmate terribly. ryker can't wait to see jaden micheal jones! we are NOT talking about the haircut, btw. except to say that both he and i cried a little as we looked at the blond locks in the tub and i made a vow to NEVER, EVER attempt hair cutting again!


Rosalyn R. Tippett said...

Ryker: I miss you...but I still love you. And I still miss you but I love you. I love you still. I'll come back later. Dad says I can come to your house in 60days. The end. I love you. Campbell

Rosalyn R. Tippett said...

I lub you Emason. Caroline