more cute stuff...

Ryker, you are so spoiled.
Yeah, Dad. I know.

Ryker: Why does it feel like I'm the only one cleaning up this mess?

Emerson: Me? Me? Me? Me?
I noticed tonight that Tim has taken to calling her "Mimi". Hope that one doesn't stick! :-)

And election night...Ryker wanted to know which one was Barack Obama. Our President Elect was standing arm in arm with his running mate and I pointed to Barack. You mean the one in the black shirt and stripey tie? Ryker asked. Hmmm. Makes me happy...


Log home living said...

Ok, I'm just catching up but loved your cartoon! And I will have to agree with your to the left of center state of philosophy. Hmmm, must be why we get along so well! And the more "right" the person on the soapbox gets--the more "left" I get! Surprise, surprise eh TCities??? :) Ok--off my box!
you go Ryan---wahoo!

Log home living said...

Ok, sorry to get Ryan in our ring--you can delete that comment!
Actually I think we both like to "stir" the nest a bit when it comes to politics. That certainly doesn't mean our husbands do tho!~~and it doesn't mean we are "predictable" about it either-- :o)
Isn't it nice that now we can talk about the weather again?--speaking of which after flooding, we have sunshine today--yipee!