A few weeks ago, Mom took Ryker to see Santa and after some careful observation he decided he'd just mail his letter. But when Santa brought by the bike he found neglected in his sleigh, Ryker received him warmly. Emerson, on the other hand, was not happy to see Santa at all. Not one bit. She did fancy the dress up clothes given to her by Grandma Marlene though. In fact, Grandmas and Grandpas always give the best gifts and way too many of them! There are a ridiculous number of toys in this house. Ryan and I are taking at least the next two Christmases off. Wishing I'd taken a picture of Christmas dinner on the table as it was the first Ryan and I pulled off on our own. And for the record...I did NOT call Mom every 30 seconds. Nor did she come running over every time I got in a fix. :-)


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