our recent trip north...

you know you're not getting through the border without a fight when...

...the booth you arrive at is staffed with two guards instead of just one.
...the guards keep glancing at one another as you tell them you forgot your passports (again).
...you're asked, "and whose children are these?"
...you're given a little yellow slip, instructed to pull to the side and exit the vehicle.
...two more guards direct you into a building with rows of benches upon which a number of grim faced americans sit.
...you're treated like the plague and herded like cattle.
...you're asked if you happen to know what passports are for in an exceptionally condescending tone (they spend hours practicing - i just know it).

you know you've won when...

...your beautiful two year old daughter beams at the agent in charge and says "kank you much" for no apparent reason.
...the agent smiles ever so slightly before turning back to scowl at you.
...you're asked if there is anyone who would be willing to fax copies of the passports and handed a number.
...you're told that under no circumstances would you be allowed to enter the country again without proper identification...ever! and apparently, if one wants to travel, one does NOT want to be denied entrance into a foriegn country...ever!

i don't think i'll be left in charge of identification again...ever! :) we had fun though. shopping vancouver with the girls is always enjoyable. ryker and em love northwest beaches. grandpa "stupe" treated twelve of his grandkids to donuts at tim horton's. uncle ron again kicked our butts on an early morning run at the beach and then made up for it with breakfast at a delightful little joint where the coffee is great, the food is better and the customer is always wrong (especially when dripping sweat on the counter). thanks auntie sue, for dinner and games! love visiting!!!


Kelly and Janae said...

cute post! Glad you had fun-- next time you must let us know...even if just to meet you downtown for coffee...can totally relate to the border- hilarious!