nap time today...

ryker and emerson collided and both are sporting ugly eggs on their noggins. they weren't feeling much love as i put them down to nap. ryker has been doing everything he can to avoid naps for some time now, but every once in a while it becomes clear that he needs to catch up. today was one of those times and because i'm determined to cuddle both my babies to sleep as long as they'll let me, nap time went something like this:

Mom! I've had it with Em's kicking.

Wyker take mine covers, Mom!

Had it, I said.

Wyker take mine covers nother one!

Did you hear me, Mom? H A D it! (Pulling on Em's blankie for spite)

No Wyker! Stop bugging her! (Stuffing every inch of her blankie beneath her)

How can I take your covers if you're not even under them, Em-er-son?!

That's m i n e blankie!

(Silence now and I hear Ryker sigh in defeat)

Mom, remember the good old days? he says. When it was just me, you and Dad?

for a moment my silent laughter shook the bed and then i was sobered by the realization that my eldest babe will soon be off to kinder. am i ever going to miss him!!!