little friends, BIG hearts!

Meet Ty...
We've been missing our friend, Tyler. We've been thinking about him a lot! Ty's been pretty sick but we're happy because he's getting better. And we're happy he gets to come home tomorrow, even if it's only for a while.

Meet Tell...
He wanted to know who would be at this party he was attending and his mother, Jen, told him that all his friends from convention would be there. "Not ALL my friends!" Tell replied. "'Cause Ty won't be there." I think it is safe and fair to say Ty would have been the bravest knight in attendance and the only one with a mohawk. :) I appreciate these little glimpses into the hearts of our kids. See you soon, Ty!

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Log home living said...

Yes, Tyler, you are obviously loved. And seeing again the strength of his parents is truly inspiring!