The sun is shining...

The sun is still shining but summer is over and nobody knows it better than this expired school teacher and new mother of a *gasp* kindergartner. I'll soon post pics of my baby on his first day of school but I've got to work up a little courage first. I like this place I'm in right now. It's called Denial and I find it's a pretty comfortable here. So for now, and as long as the sun is shining, I'm going to pretend my baby is still my baby and that I'm dropping him off at summer camp.

I sincerely hope everyone took advantage of every blessed second of summer. We sure did and if you take just one look at our lawn, you'll know it's true. My sincerest apologies, neighbors!

Meanwhile, here are some cute pics from an evening spent at Cousin Rex's. That kid's smile makes me want to sing and dance, which is great except when he's making eyes at me during bible study. Dancing might be a little distracting then.

Ryan won of course. Nice form Doug!