Alki Beach, Seattle

We enjoyed our weekend in Seattle with the Texans. It was short though and on our first day out, I brought along the camera without a battery. I have no photos of our morning at the Pacific Science Center or of the WSU game at Quest Stadium. It is just as well because the Cougs, well, Coug'd It and we don't need any memories of that particular game!

We enjoyed Sunday afternoon at Alki Beach. The company was good, the weather was perfect and the view was lovely. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to get good pictures in mid-day sun. Is it possible? Someone once told be to shoot upwards toward your subject when the sun is straight above. That worked great - no shadows at all. Though try as I might, I can't find use for many giant nostril pics.

The girls.

The guys. Caroline and Emerson play under their watchful eyes. ;)

A really cool fort the kids built.

Our family portrait turned out swell. Don't you think?

And if you've never been to Salties and sampled the buffet, you should. The phrase all you can eat breakfast buffet is usually enough to make me break out in a sweat, dry heave a little and run the other way but this was really good and really fun! I mean REALLY good and REALLY fun! Ryker ate marshmallows dipped in a chocolate fountain and cocktail shrimp. The slice of bacon on his plate was just for looks. We didn't want to look like total loser parents as we paraded through the buffet line. I know, I know. The slice of bacon didn't help that situation at all.