Ryker is in love with Kindergarten. I will cherish Sunday evening and his thoughts forever. We were sitting around Grandma's pool and thinking we'd kept him up too late already, considering the big day to come. His chin started trembling a wee bit and in a quiet voice he told us he was going to have to put something from each Dad, Mom and Em in his backpack. How I love his tenderness! I suggested Em's dirty diaper and when he felt like he was missing her a bit, he could open his backpack and take a whiff. So long tender moment. I can't remember his response but even if I could, it wouldn't be appropriate to write here. And as it is, Ryker loves kindergarten. Did I mention that already? 

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Note the number of girls in that line. The front of the line didn't look much different and I'd venture to say Mrs. Shell has her work cut out for her! That is unless kindergarten girls are less difficult than fourth grade girls. ;)

(we had camera issues on the morning of and so these pics are straight out of the iphone. it does okay - when you hold really really still.)