RV Weekend

It's really a good thing our son is bigger than 98 percent of the kids his age. Otherwise, he'd never have survived this.

And then Papa Bear roared at Mama Bear and we all hightailed it to the Bookie. Ryker emerged looking like this.

I apologize for the confusing image. I know predatory animals such as bears wouldn't typically be seen "hightailing" it anywhere but bunnies and deer don't roar, you see. Again, I apologize.

The kids were entertained by the game for no more than 5 minutes. Em lasted another 5 thanks to lip balm and Ryker another 10 because that's how long it took him to eat his snow cone. I was reminded of a baseball game this summer where Ryker held his head between his hands and said, "There is nothing fun about this at all." :) However, both Ryker and Em enjoyed the Cougar Kid Zone outside the stadium. And neither have ever complained about hangin' in the RV. Go Cougs!

ps. I love you, Papa Bear! If you're really really lucky, one of our next five children will share your love of the game. ;)


Jenna said...

Yay, go Cougs! Love Ryker's fit.