Do you remember our Uncle Tom? He's the one who always appears on this blog asleep in an easy chair. He recently managed to procure a boat load of tickets to a WSU basketball double header hosted right here in our very own arena. It was fun to spend time with some of the extended Tippett family. Unfortunately we have exactly one picture of the weekend and it's this one, taken by Ryan's mother. Ordinarily an MIL would object to her DIL kissing men other than her son. But it was Butch and if Marlene could have made her way over, she'd have planted a kiss on his mug herself. I'm fairly certain that Butch uses Downy fabric softener as conditioner or bubble bath or something. Bet you didn't know that. Thanks Tom, for all your hard work. And we're keeping our fingers crossed that the event will take place again next year.

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