The best day ever!

Sometime after dinner yesterday, Ryker announced that it had been the best day ever! We inquired as to why, of course. "Because I've been in my undies all day long!" It's true. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in our pajamas. And after all the holiday fun, it really was a great way to spend a Saturday.

Today was not a good day for Ryker. He was pretty bent out of shape about having to watch a "stupid girlie princess" movie with his sister. We drug him to Princess and the Frog anyway. He giggled a lot and occasionally laughed out loud. But when the movie was over he sighed an exceedingly loud sigh and exclaimed, "That was even worse than I thought!"

Happy 2010 everybody! I'll post pictures of our holiday antics before the year is out. Promise. I just need to recover from several ulcer-inducing card games, a sore ankle (dance revolution?), an aching shoulder (wii boxing), Buck Buck (don't ask!) and a little family Fear Factor. Caramel onions, anyone? :)


MichelleB said...

We loved that movie!!!
I love pajama day even more!!!