If there was ever a reason to have a guest room, it would be so your guests would not have to lay their heads next to the booger wall. I've been told that my child is not unique in this - that many mothers (in this case, father) are required to clean boogers from the wall next to a child's bed but this knowlege makes me feel no better. Today Ryker informed me that those were not his boogers. They were Em's and he knows for sure because he doesn't wipe his on the wall. He eats them!

It's so fitting that I have a child who eats boogers because I have a booger phobia. It's really real! In fact, every student I've ever had the privilege of teaching knows I have one basic rule: If you must pick your boogers, eat them. Papers with anything remotely resembling boogers on them, will not be graded.

Only one parent ever objected. In fact, I'm pretty sure she asked if I'd tell my own child to eat his boogers. And I'm sure I said yes. I feel really bad now about lying then. :) Though I am on the fence regarding which is worse - the one who wipes boogers on the wall or the one who eats them???


lenaya said...

Sadly, you're not alone!

Jenna said...

I have serious issues with snot/boogers-in fact I was definitely not the friendlist preschool teacher when it came to runny noses or nose pickers. I think I may have got the side eye from a few teachers when I said "Seriously? Please go wipe your nose" or "could you please take your finger out of your nose and use a tissue"...I guess I could have been a little nicer but I did say please! I promise I do love kids ;)